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We provide both residential and commercial water damage cleanup and restoration to all of Metro Atlanta

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Residential Water, Sewage, and Mold Cleanup: Many homeowners and occupants will have to deal with a water damage clean up situation while in their home. Most times water that needs to be cleaned up will be the result of something small like a leaky pipe, or a small water spill. Sometimes, however, a water damage cleanup will be large.

In these cases the result of the water on the floor is usually a hot water tank that has a leaking valve, or worse a busted water line in the house. In these cases, it is more than appropriate to hire a water damage cleanup company to help with you water damage cleanup. We are a certified, professional water damage mitigation company and are prepared to help you in your water damage cleanup. Water restoration and residential water, sewage, and mold cleanup.

Every home has its own combination of materials, wall angles, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, basements, drywall, wet carpet, wet padding, wet hardwood floors, etc.  Not to exclude the EPA requirements for homes older than 1978.  These must be tested for lead content.

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Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services / Commercial Sewage Damage Cleanup Services: Commercial water damage or sewage damage can shut down your business for days or weeks depending on the severity of the water or sewage damage. Damage can come from numerous sources like an overflowing toilet, busted sprinkler system, a leaking roof, or even a busted pipe. Calling our water and sewage cleanup company as soon as possible for your commercial property is imperative. The longer water or sewage sits the more damage is caused, not to mention the health risks from sewage and mold growth increase with time as well. Flood Atlanta knows that time is money and will act quickly and efficiently to start the water damage remediation to your business right away. Businesses needing water or sewage cleanup can call us 24/7 and speak to one of our IICRC certified technicians. Let us help you to quickly get back to business as usual. Call 678-919-9144. Water restoration and commercial water and sewage damage.

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